“Leave the game better than you found it. And when it comes time for you to leave, leave a legend"

Kobe Bryant


About Us

For The Culture

Founded in 2021, TRIBE mgmt is an athlete agency and sports advisory practice that prides itself on diversity.

Empowering our people, we hustle for athletes and partners from the many backgrounds, genders, faces and races that represent the real cross-section of the modern Australian athlete.

It is our mission to create as much value as possible in, and for, the talent we represent. By creating commercial opportunities - including contract maximisation, sponsorships, media work and ambassadorships - we uplift our people to their true worth.

By the culture, for the culture, we are TRIBE mgmt.


Meet The Team

At TRIBE mgmt, each Director is your own commercial specialist. Whilst remaining actively involved in sport, Directors at TRIBE mgmt have achieved success in building their own legal, accounting and financial careers. 

Operating at the meeting point of commerciality and sport, TRIBE mgmt is uniquely qualified to add value to your sporting career.  


Niam St John


A graduate of Accounting, Finance and Law, Niam spent years working for one of Australia's Big Four Banks before moving into legal practice at offices in South Yarra and Carlton.

Tied in with a lifetime of participation in sports at both a representative and domestic level, Niam is uniquely qualified to provide commercial advice across the board to our athletes under any sporting code.


Jen Severn


After over 20 years in legal practice, working mostly in national firms and most recently completing a Graduate Diploma of Sports Law at Melbourne University, Jen enjoys working collaboratively to obtain mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties.

After playing traditional sports all her life, Jen is a passionate advocate for women in sport as well diversity and inclusion in sport. Jen is passionate about all sport, but she is an especially passionate supporter of the AFLW, AFL and Australian Cricket. Most recently Jen has begun her education into the sport of Rowing due to her son's passion for that sport. 



Across The Board


Mental Wellbeing

When managing physical injuries, prevention is always better than a cure and mental health should be looked at through the same lens.

TRIBE mgmt works closely with selected mental health professionals who are qualified to keep our athletes ready to meet the challenges of their playing careers. 

We put the person first and the player second.

Development and Training

We do everything we can to guarantee our people are performing at their peak.

Through our network of partners, TRIBE mgmt provides it's athletes with access to player development professionals and venues, able to facilitate bespoke progression of their playing career. 

Contract Negotiation

At TRIBE mgmt, we have the knowledge, experience and creativity to negotiate contracts suited to our athletes’ unique needs. Our negotiations not only focus on the short term objectives of our athletes, but ensure that long term career pathways are considered and accommodated.

The strong legal backgrounds of TRIBE mgmt’s board of Directors place us at a significant advantage to competing agencies in the world of contracts.

Legal Service

With a board of Directors with decades of legal experience and a strong relationship with Australia's top law firms, TRIBE mgmt's athletes have constant access to the best legal services as and when required. Whether it be matters of commercial dispute, family law, property or estate planning, or something else, we always ensure our people are fully protected.

Financial Management

We consider success in sport and the ability to manage winnings to be equally important. By working closely with trusted accountants, tax agents and financial planners, we ensure our athletes can navigate their financial challenges and maximise their earning potential. In our experience, the right advice from the outset leads to steady growth of an athlete’s investment portfolio and prepares them for a comfortable post career transition.

Post-Career Transition

Statistics show that retirement presents a significant challenge to professional athletes who are not adequately prepared. 

As part of a network of commercial specialists, TRIBE mgmt is uniquely qualified to provide it's athletes direction on post-career planning, allowing our people to thrive in their lives after sport.


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